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Our Mission:

To create a fun, positive, supportive community of members, inspired to live their most vibrant lives.

SOULSHINE yoga + fitness is committed to enhancing the physical, social, mental + spiritual wellness of our community,

so that together, we can shine from the inside out.


  • A body in motion stays in motion (physical)

At SOULSHINE, we offer a variety of ways to engage + move the body.
Our aim is to create a community that embraces daily movement, so that throughout life we remain agile, balanced + strong.
  • In the importance of human connection (social)

It's easy to lose sight of our need for face-to-face human relationships in our digitally connected world. The truth is, those who join others in encouraging, supportive social groups live longer + healthier lives. We welcome EVERYONE to join our SOULSHINE community to experience this sense of belonging.
  • In prioritizing stillness (mental)

In this fast-paced + overscheduled society, it is more important than ever to make time for stillness. In stillness we find peace, we discover the calling of our hearts, and we dwell with our Creator. At SOULSHINE there are several classes each week that practice the art of stillness.
  • In loving + serving others (spiritual)

Wednesday night SOUL Flow classes are offered without charge. Free will donations are accepted with 100% of contributions shared with an Adel or Central Iowa organization that faithfully serves others. Collectively, our members and teaching staff will determine the missions supported each month. Check back for updates on organizations benefiting from your generosity.


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